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Renewal Property Management Ltd is founded in 2011. Our company provides professional and efficient real estate development and construction engineering management services for the community. After more than ten years of hard work and development, our company has a certain scale and strength. Now we have a skilled and experienced construction engineering management team, which has created more than 300 high quality and low price dreams for all walks of life in New Zealand.

Our service projects: land division, project planning and design, project optimization, project management, old house renovation/expansion, leaking house inspection and maintenance, fashion garden design and construction.

Our goals: to become the most satisfactory construction engineering management team for new and old customers. We believe that with your support and trust, we will do better!

Our philosophy: "Integrity-based, strength first, wholeheartedly for customers." Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, service first" and provides customers with wholehearted service with "excellent service quality, professional technical strength and efficient management ability".

Four reasons for choosing us:

I. Cost savings

1. Starting from the design stage of the scheme, we can make the customer's construction drawing design not only meet the customer's use requirements, but also reduce the construction cost and project budget from the source by adopting reasonable design.

2. In the process of construction, we will organize and allocate reasonably and efficiently according to various conditions and factors that occur at any time, which can effectively reduce or avoid unnecessary expenditure.

3. Actively discovering and foreseeing problems in engineering management and timely proposing corresponding adjustment and optimization schemes can effectively save expenditure.

II. Experience

Our team has more than fifteen years of management experience in New Zealand. Our main members have more than twenty years of construction technology management experience. We have presided over the construction of high-rise buildings, residential areas, public facilities and municipal facilities.

3. Technical Specialty

The main members of our team have graduated from construction engineering and related specialties, have New Zealand engineering management license, and have had Chinese engineering supervision qualification and experience.

IV. Quality Assurance

Master Build Guarantee

Contact Us

+64 22 3016688

34 Waihou Crescent, Albany Heights, Auckland

WeChat customer service: Rachealnz

WeChat public number: Renewal Construction

We are open from Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. Weekend and after hours are viewing by appointment.


WeChat customer service: Rachealnz
WeChat public number: Renewal Construction

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